A New Beginning

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Janet Fitch portrait3Well my new site is up and running and I hope you like it!

The paint is still wet around here so expect to see the odd thing changing or breaking, let me know it you have any problems and I’ll get my man in a dark room to try and fix it.


JanetA New Beginning

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    1. Juliet Bowbrick

      Dear Janet,
      I wonder if you can help me, a very long time ago, maybe 15 years ago I was given a silver chain made by you, it was large links with three hoops, two of which joined the necklace together (I am trying to find a pic of me with it on at the moment) tragedy has struck and I have lost it. It was my favourite piece of jewellery. Do you remember it? If so I would move heaven and earth to replace it. I wonder if you would be kind enough to rack your brains and see if you recall it.

      With my hope and desperation


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