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Janet Fitch is a writer and consultant on modern jewellery, after a career in journalism and in retail. She has worked for magazines and newspapers, including the iconic Nova, and the Daily Mail, in design and fashion. The Janet Fitch shops in Covent Garden, Soho and King’s Road, London, successfully sold contemporary jewellery by emerging designers for over twenty years. As a director of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery, Janet also continues to write about, encourage and promote contemporary jewellery design.


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  1. Lucy Baik

    Hi Janet,

    Many years ago I bought a lovely necklace from one of your Covent Garden stores. It was a resin necklace with a turquoise background and a real daisy embedded in the resin. Unfortunately I lost this necklace. Do you know of anyone who designs similar ones?

  2. Elizabeth Pateman

    Dear Janet,

    I came across your profile in ‘Jewellery Focus’.

    I am the designer of Scarlett Fever Jewellery. Everything is handmade by myself in England and I specialize in glamorous vintage jewellery with a modern twist.

    If you manage to have a spare few minutes I would love to know what you think of my collection; http://www.scarlettfeverjewellery.com/shop

    Many Thanks for your time,

    Knd Regards


  3. sian evans

    Hi Janet , I have images of the SALVAGEshow for you ……… In drop box , could you send me your e-mail address and i’ll send you them . There is also some background information attached , which you will have to edit as its not much more than a list .



  4. Louise Parry

    Hi Janet,
    I spoke to you some years ago when I exhibited at IJL. I am currently making clocks and watches and run this
    alongside my jewellery business.I would very much like to speak with you, as I am looking for ways to promote the pieces towards the luxury market.Do you work on copy in a freelance capacity,or would you be interested in running a story for one of the magazines you write for, or both? The clocks have already won several awards and I plan to complete a new exciting project in 2015.
    Kind regards,
    Louise Parry.
    01285 657501

  5. Ann Klefstad

    I read your piece about _No Stopping Train_, Les’s wonderful novel written in fountain pen by candlelight. (His letters to me during the time he was writing it were always in fountain pen and often marked by candle wax– he said he was, essentially, writing in character). He’d sent me the MS to shop around– I’m in Minnesota, with some connections to the good literary presses here– but I was unable to place the book. It was heartbreaking. I loved his inkblack tale.
    I had been friends with Les since the early 1980s, when we were both working at Brentwood Publications. We kept in touch over the years, after I left LA, until 2011 or so– and I was shocked to hear of his suicide.

    I am so happy that Soft Skull is bringing out the book– it’s his best work, and I am desolated that he will write no more of these. Dear Les–

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